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Special Collet Chuck


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This is a special internal grip collet chuck with pull down action, air detect part seating confirmation and quick change collets and stops. Each part rests on a hard stop with (6) pads, (3) of which have aid detect holes.
The collets grip the I.D. with pull back action. When the holes are covered, there is a pressure rise telling the machine it is OK to start the cycle.
This chuck mounts to a rotary table for drilling radial holes. This collet is unique because it has a very low profile (height =1in.) relative to the gripping diameter (4.5in.) with pull down action. The chuck repeats to
1/10,000 T.I.R. and can develop over 5,000 lbs of grip force at 100 PSI air pressure and can be mounted to lathe, grinder, milling machine, etc.