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Precision Air ChucksNorthfield Precision has been the leading manufacturer of precision air chucks and accessories for over 50 years. The company mission has been and still is, to provide the industry with superior quality and service for the most accurate air chucks manufactured in the world. The company specializes in technical support that is given to all original equipment manufacturers as well as end users.

orthfield Precision works closely with a network of representatives and distributors that provide sales and service throughout the world. We work closely with our reps and customers to develop new products that meet their requirements. Our network is supported by factory engineers, documentation and national advertising. We provide work holding solutions for all metal, composite, ceramic and glass to the following industries: automotive; aerospace; electrical/electronic; medical/optical; machine tool; plastics/ceramics; appliance; education/training.

In 1952 Northfield Precision was founded by Willam A. Steffen, Murray Farber and Robert Levy. The first products manufactured by the company were microspin bearings, precision gear blanks, precision shafting, precision limit stops and miniature slip clutches for the electronic industry. In 1959 Northfield Precision became a public corporation. The first precision air chuck to 0.0001 (2.54µ) total indicator reading was introduced to the machine tool industry in 1962. Since the introduction of this chuck the founders mandated to all employees that quality and service will always remain the top priority of the company. Northfield now occupies a 15,000 square foot manufacturing facility with up to date production machinery. Included in the facility are design engineering and customer service. It also owns an additional 10,000 square feet for future growth. The company is very proud of every employee because with their superior skills it allows Northfield Precision to supply the industry with the best quality products possible.