About Sulli Tool & Supply, Inc.

The purpose of this letter is to briefly introduce myself and Sulli Tool & Supply. I bring to the table over twenty years of experience in providing solutions and support to manufacturing companies. In 2009, I decided to form my own company in order to bring new products and services to my customer base and work more directly with the people that have always depended on me for help and assistances.

Sulli Tool & Supply is in partnership with several companies from around the world. We help original equipment manufacturers, machine tool dealers, industrial supply companies and end users manage their workholding, live tooling, part accumulation, and ensure clean and safe employee work environments, with a variety of products and services such as off-the-shelf quality products, engineered solutions, and excellent support.

Sulli Tool & Supply found a need in the manufacturing community for more than just a sophisticated hardware provider to solve customer issues. People and equipment problems associated with running highly technical equipment have taken many hours of valuable time away from management’s mainstreaming of their business. The answer we offer for these complex needs is a hands-on approach. Sulli Tool & Supply represents companies that have pioneered the concept many years ago, and ever since, they have led the industry in off-the-shelf, engineered solutions, customer satisfaction, and customer installations. We can offer these and many of the benefits to you because we have the people, equipment, and experience to address any set-up, set-up reduction, and process improvement concerns you have.

At Sulli Tool & Supply, we design the appropriate solution to meet your manufacturing needs and concerns. You will find working with STS to be a highly professional and very accountable partnership. It is our responsibility to share our expertise in consulting with you on how STS and the companies it represents may benefit your next project and hopefully many future projects afterward. As a total quality-focused company, our top business priority is customer satisfaction in working with us.


Michael Sullivan, CMTSE